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Morning Tides :: April 6, 2015

Oceanwalker Studios Morning Tides

Good morning from Sunrise! As in Florida where it's perpetually summer. We have collected some news and ephemera happening around the interwebs.  

One of our OWS team members worked with a magazine editor who typically read aloud while editing. So every issue was fully absorbed by the surrounding staff before it went to print. Nonetheless, this method is a great one for self editing, much like these two other tips. And who doesn't need to do this in today's quick-response world? 

Handmade and lettered signs held by the homeless are a part of our visual landscape. What if they were designed by and art director? Would this improve their reach? One AD tried to find out

Helvetica is more ubiquitous than the above signs. But what if you take the universal font and paint it on people's smiling, frowning, or grimacing faces? You get a whole new thing, just look

This tool is all you need. Typography Cheatsheet: A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage. Thank you, Typewolf

Yes, there is a difference between Miami and Miami Beach, but which one is better? Read (and listen to) this article from WLRN to learn the difference.