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Morning Tides :: July 23, 2015

Morning Tides: bits and bobs around the internet and the neighborhood.

Good morning! It's hot, steamy and typically 90 degrees. Every day. Sigh. Let's read about some other things in other (cooler) places. 

How about Japan in the 1960s? These amazing photographs, taken by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier, document “one Japanese generation’s age of revolt.” We think they are raw and beautiful and wish we could hear the music playing in the background. 

Let's travel back even further to 1871 when Whistler painted his mother. One author dove deep into her background as well as her artist son for a book. 

Offline is the new black. How people shop is a studied activity. People buy online and then in-store and then back again. Keeping up with omnichannel trends can seem dry reading, but someone's go to do it. 

Our creative director has long been a fan of the Beastie Boys. So this recent copyright infringement ruling caught her attention. Have a favorite Beastie song? Let us know!

This news update is bananas! As in Chiquita is coming to SoFla with its HQ in DCOTA.