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Morning Tides :: June 8, 2015

Morning Tides: bits and bobs around the internet and the neighborhood. 

Good morning! It's hot and rainy and then hot again here in the tropics. Let's get reading. 

When you can't recycle that pizza box the old fashioned way, turn it into a movie projector

Father's Day is coming! What does a man really want on his special day? According to Johnsonville, it's bratwurst. Everywhere.

Speaking of meat, in this study, the United States is the biggest user of meat-based emoji. We're more amazed that there was a study. 

There is still time to enter The Smarties. The deadline is June 23.

Are you buying into these buy buttons? Both Pinterest and Google will have them. And this wise lady, Mary Meeker, thinks they will become "pervasive".