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Giving Back

Every year we like to give back to a charitable organization. Or two. By raising our hand and offering design services, we get to work with some amazing people. For this gifted program at The Grayson School, a simple tried-and-true trifold brochure was in order. It proves that sometimes a basic building block in marketing collateral is an elegant solution. 

We found this opportunity on a wonderful site called It is loaded with awesome ways to lend a hand--literally or figuratively. Plus, it offers you the chance to work with organizations beyond your own borders. In our case, South Florida. 

Free predesigned social media post found on  CharityNetworker

Free predesigned social media post found on CharityNetworker


We also made an easy-to-use site loaded with free predesigned social media posts. That's right, free. All you have to do is use them. Anywhere and everywhere. An elegant image containing an inspiring quote atop a soothing image. What's not to love (or post)?

The CharityNetworker site was made with charities and nonprofit organizations in mind, but anyone can use them. After all, who couldn't use a time-saving technique like a predesigned post? If you know of anyone, we'd like to hear about them.

Or hear from you about any subject for that matter. And to make it easy, there's a handy comments section just below.