We’re a small two-person shop. But we’re big on executable ideas. Simply put, we like to make stuff and then we like to make sure it works.

Small companies with an entrepreneurial spirit are our niche. We’re entrepreneurs, we’re small, so we get it. And after 15 years, we’ve helped grow business, make the phone ring, and increase brand awareness for many companies like us.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Let’s face it, sometimes too many. We’re here to take on some of your hat-wearing responsibilities. Whether it’s designing one piece of needed collateral or developing an integrated marketing plan—or something else entirely—we’re confident we can help. 


KRISTIN | Creative Director

Kristin is an award-winning creative director with exceptional ideation skills, able to collaborate and lead while meeting expectations, budgets, and objectives. She's also just a girl, with a soul of an artist that finds humor in everything, who is standing in front of a screen asking the world to love her.

Favorite movie: Some Like it Hot
Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite TV show: The Goldbergs
Favorite game: Uno
Favorite quote: “Do a common thing in an uncommon way.” ~ Booker T. Washington 

JAMES | Strategic Analyst

James is most comfortable behind the scenes. Like many analytical and strategic thinkers, he likes to observe and report. And basically tell you what you need to improve. James is a critical component to Oceanwalker and currently finishing his degree in Management Information Systems at FAU. 

Favorite movie: A Few Good Men
Favorite book: Ender's Game
Favorite TV show: Sherlock
Favorite game: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (currently)
Favorite motto: Knowledge is power.